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From The First Tooth Virtual Training

This 45 minute virtual training will focus primarily on caries prevention. It offers a brief review of Early Childhood Caries (ECC) and addresses how the use of fluoride is part of a comprehensive approach to a child’s oral health. Specifically, clinicians will learn the benefits, as well as how to apply fluoride varnish and provide adequate follow-up care.

Objectives of this training include:

  1. Review the prevalence, etiology and consequences of early childhood caries (ECC)
  2. How to perform an appropriate oral examination on small children
  3. How to perform a Caries Risk Assessment including reviewing a specific tool, and
  4. Review the effects, sources, and benefits of fluoride varnish
  5. How to apply fluoride varnish
  6. Advise families on strategies to prevent caries

Click the picture below to begin the training!