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Your Baby’s First Dental Visit

You can prepare your child for the first visit to the dentist by:

  • Reading a book about going to the dentist
  • Watching a video about going to the dentist
  • Visiting the office before the official appointment to meet the staff and look around
  • Allowing your child to bring a favorite toy for comfort

Remember that although many adults have fears about going to a dentist, most children do not, especially if they go early. Be sure to talk to your child in a positive way about his or her first dental visit. Click here to read more about the Age 1 dental visit.

What will happen at the first dental visit?

A younger child may sit on your lap during the dental visit as follows:

  • The parent will sit facing the dentist or dental hygienist.
  • The child will lie facing you with his or her head in the dentist or dental hygienist’s lap.
  • You will be able to hold hands with and talk to your child.
  • Your child may fuss or cry, but that is ok. It makes it easier to see inside the baby’s mouth. The exam will be over in just a few minutes.

If your child is older, he or she may sit in the dental chair for a gentle exam.

During your visit, the dentist or hygienist may:

  • Clean your child’s teeth
  • Provide a fluoride treatment
  • Perform an x-ray
  • Make suggestions on how to best care for your child’s mouth
  • Say that you should come back in six months for another dental checkup