It is very important to visit a dentist during pregnancy

It might surprise you to learn that a dentist plays an important role in helping you have a healthy pregnancy. It is even more important to take care of your mouth when you are pregnant. Your whole body, including your mouth, goes through many changes during pregnancy. It needs extra care.

2.2 Pregnant WomanWhen you are pregnant, your gums can swell and bleed. Food can get trapped and cause irritation. That can cause bacteria to get into your blood stream and hurt your baby. Recent studies show that a mother’s poor dental health may cause her baby to be born too small or too soon.

  • Brush and floss your teeth every day.
  • Get regular dental cleanings and exams while you are pregnant, even if you are not having any problems. Also it is safe to get dental x-rays while you are pregnant.

Call a dentist today to make an appointment! Healthy gums and teeth during pregnancy are a great way to care for you and your baby during this special time.