Contact Information: Vermont

In-Office Training:

Laurie McLean
Program Coordinator,


Elizabeth Cote
AHEC Program Director

General Inquiries:

Elizabeth Cote, Director
University of Vermont Office of Primary Care & AHEC Program
(802) 656-0030


Robin N. Miller, RDH, MPH
Oral Health Director
Vermont Department of Health’s Office of Oral Health
(802) 863-7272

Order Materials:  

Visit the Vermont Department of Health’s Office of Oral Health for resources:


“Vermont’s Guide to Fluoride Levels in Public Water Systems, May 2015” includes a list of fluoridated communities:              guide_to_fluoride_levels_in_public_water_systems.pdf

Reimbursement Information:

Medicaid reimburses for the application of topical fluoride varnish by a physician or other qualified health care professionals
Code:  99188
Medicaid Reimbursement Fee:  $18.00

Commercial Insurers:

According to the Affordable Care Act, insurers should be reimbursing for fluoride varnish application for children for first tooth eruption to age 6 (not including age 6). Reimbursement amounts and benefit coverage varies.  99188 is the accepted billing code.

Referral Information:

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