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From the First Tooth
110 Free Street
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 662-6296

Laura Robbins

Julie Carvelli – Program Coordinator

Southern & Western Maine:
Susan Cote, RDH, MS
Trainer/Educator & Statewide Program Manager

Gina McKenney, MPH
Statewide Program Manager

Central Maine:
Wendie Lagasse, MCHES

Northern Maine:
Kate Bartley
Statewide Programming Manager & Trainer/Educator

Kellie Stanhope
Program Coordinator & Trainer/Educator


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Reimbursement Information

  1. MaineCare (Medicaid) reimburses medical providers for two procedures codes:
    • D1206 – Fluoride Varnish – $12 (twice per calendar year for children under age 3 years; twice per calendar year with at least 150 days between applications for children ages 3 and over. A third application in a calendar year can be reimbursed for children who have a high rate of caries or who have had new dental restorations placed in the previous 18 months. Fluoride varnish can be applied by: MD/DO, PA, NP, nurses and medical assistants (with appropriate supervision).
    • D0145 – Oral Evaluation for patients under 3 years of age – $20 (twice per calendar year)

      Children who have seen a dentist in the past year should not have a D0145 charged/billed from a medical provider. Providers who want to complete an oral evaluation for children ages 3 years and older can do so but they should not be charged/billed for the service.

  1. The following Self-Insured Employers in Maine are covering fluoride varnish (D1206) as a preventive medical benefit at 100% of the lesser of the maximum allowance or the physician’s charge. It covers two applications per year for children up to age 42 months of age when provided by a medical provider or designee.
    • Bath Iron Works – Aetna
    • Bowdoin College – Anthem
    • EMHS – Geisinger
    • Jackson Labs – Aetna
    • Maine Education Association Benefits Trust – Anthem
    • Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust – Anthem
    • MaineGeneral – EBPA
    • MaineHealth – Anthem
    • Mercy Hospital – Aetna
    • LL Bean – Aetna
    • Mid Coast Hospital – Health Plans Inc.
  1. Additionally, Maine Community Health Options covers Fluoride Varnish as a medical benefit.

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History of From the First Tooth

From the First Tooth began as a pilot program of the Sadie and Harry Davis Foundation in 2008 and grew to a statewide effort in 2010 through the leadership of MaineHealth in partnership with EMHS and MaineGeneral  An Advisory Committee and National Advisors continue to guide the initiative. In 2015, the pediatric oral health initiative expanded to include a focus on pregnant and postnatal women.

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