Contact Information: Connecticut

In-Office Training:

Jan Ruh
Includes lunch and learn CME training with Smiles for Life curriculum and provides hands-on training on the application of fluoride varnish and assistance with office flow and billing.

Maggie Morales
Education Physicians in their Communities (EPIC) arranges for one-hour lunch time didactic course on oral evaluation and fluoride varnish application.

General Inquiries:
Jillian G. Wood
Executive Director
Foundation for Children

Practices Trained in Connecticut

Click here for a list of practices trained in the application of fluoride varnish.

Order Materials

Contact for ordering practice/patient education materials


Reimbursement Information

Husky Health (Medicaid) reimburses medical providers for two procedure codes

  • D0145 ($25) – Oral evaluation for children 6 months through 40 months of age and counseling with the primary caregiver.
  • D1206 ($20) – Topical therapeutic fluoride varnish application for children 6 months through 40 months of age with moderate to high risk caries patients.
  • Fluoride varnish may be applied by a physician, PA, NP, APRN, RN, LPN or medical assistant

In order to be reimbursed, the practice needs to complete and submit a Training Record Sheet to DSS.

The two components of this service can be conducted on two different dates. If you evaluate a need for the fluoride varnish but schedule the treatment for a later date you should indicate that on the billing document. An oral evaluation must always be done in order to bill for fluoride varnish as well. When billing, simply indicate that the oral evaluation was conducted on one date and the fluoride varnish on another. However, both the oral evaluation and the fluoride varnish application MUST be submitted on the same billing submission.

Please note: Codes for reimbursement may change to medical codes in 2015 based on recommendations from the Academy of Pediatrics.

Referral Information

Finding Dental Care for Young Pediatric Patients

  • Dental care providers for young pediatric patients

The Connecticut Dental Health Partnership manages Connecticut’s Medicaid (HUSKY) Dental program in conjunction with the Department of Social Services.

Assistance with locating a dentist that provides services to young children:

(Toll-free, M-F, 8AM-5PM)

The Connecticut Dental Health Partnership can help:

  • Find a dentist
  • Learn about your dental benefits
  • Set up an appointment
  • Provide bi-lingual and translation services
  • Identify transportation services

To view a list of medical practices trained to apply fluoride varnish, click here.