Tools to Make Dental Referrals From Primary Medical Care

Ideally, children should establish a dental home with a dentist by their first birthday. However, this is not always possible. As a primary care provider, you may already be working with local dental providers to transition your patients to comprehensive dental care.

2.1.6 Child Dental Chair-What Will HappenDental and medical providers working together in a community have been effective in addressing the needs of their patients. Hosting a meeting over a meal can be a nice way for medical and dental providers to meet each other and work together to improve dental referrals.

Here are tools for communication between primary care and dental. Feel free to modify these documents to fit your practice:

  1. Sample Agenda for a Medical/Dental Meeting 1
  2. Sample Agenda for a Medical/Dental Meeting 2
  3. Referral: Medical provider making a referral to dentist
  4. Dining with the Dentists Description

Find dental care for young pediatric patients in your state:

Other resource for finding dentists who provide care to patients with Medicaid: