Tools for Integrating Pediatric Oral Health Into Well Child Care

Online Resources:
With hundreds of practices implementing From the First Tooth, we have learned a lot! Medical practices and clinicians have used and/or developed the materials listed here. They are available to you at no charge and can be downloaded or viewed online.

  1. 3.2 Woman Provider Checking Child's MouthThe Evidence
  2. Fluoride 101
  3. Getting Started
  4. Reimbursement
  5. Referrals
  6. Quality Improvement
  7. Maintenance of Certification
  8. Additional Resources
  9. Ordering Materials – Practice and Parent Educational Materials – Click on the name of the state where you practice.
    Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island
  10. Ordering Materials – Fluoride Varnish and Toothbrushes: Click Here

Technical Assistance:
Technical assistance is available for practices in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.