Medical Providers Help Prevent Tooth Decay in Children

Oral Health in Well Child Care:

Making sure children have good oral health is an important part of pediatric medical care. Dental disease is the most common chronic disease impacting children. Children suffer unnecessarily from tooth decay – a nearly 100 percent preventable condition.

3. Woman Provider with AA Smiling BabyThe US Preventive Services Task Force recommends that primary care medical clinicians apply fluoride varnish to the primary teeth of infants and children as soon as the first tooth appears in the mouth.

From the First Tooth is an initiative to support medical clinicians and their staff as they integrate early pediatric oral health into their practices. Reimbursement is usually available for the services. There are resources here to help you practically and logistically integrate the following four elements into well child visits:

  1. Oral Evaluation – assessing risk and evaluating for dental disease
  2. Fluoride Varnish Application
  3. Parent Education
  4. Referral to Dentists

As a primary care medical provider, you are well positioned to make a significant difference in the lives of children by incorporating oral health into your practice since you care for young children earlier and more often than your dental colleagues – about a dozen times before the 4th birthday.

Next steps to get your practice ready to provide these services:

  1. View the video to the right.
  2. Complete the online Course.
  3. Request technical assistance for your practice.