Parents protect babies’ teeth with:

- Toothpaste
- Fluoride Varnish
- Good Nutrition
- Dental Checkups

…because baby teeth matter.

Healthcare Providers

Medical providers protect babies’ teeth with:

- Fluoride Varnish
- Parent Education
- Dental Referrals

…because baby teeth matter.

Employers & Insurers

Fluoride varnish is standard for pediatric medical care.

Many insurance companies and employers cover routine fluoride varnish as a medical benefit.

Medical Providers and Parents Help Prevent Tooth Decay in Children.

Parents can help their children by:

  • Brushing their babies’ teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day.
  • Asking for a fluoride varnish application at their baby’s next medical or dental appointment.  Children who receive at least four applications of fluoride varnish have a lot less tooth decay than other children.

From the First Tooth:
From the First Tooth is a collaborative initiative located in New England. It promotes improving children’s oral health by integrating early preventive dental services into pediatric medical care – primarily as part of well child visits.

  • Medical Providers: 
    • Use the materials in the Healthcare Provider section to offer the services in your practice. They have been tested in hundreds of practices.
    • Support for health professions training programs is available.
    • The Center for Excellence section of this website allows for similar efforts in other states to be shared.
  • Parents: Access information about your child’s oral health through the “Parent” section of this website.
  • Employers: Access information about fluoride varnish as a medical benefit through the employers and insurance section of this website.

Early prevention protects children!