Parents protect babies’ teeth with:

– Toothpaste
– Fluoride Varnish
– Good Nutrition
– Dental Checkups

…because baby teeth matter.

Healthcare Providers

Medical providers protect babies’ teeth with:

– Fluoride Varnish
– Parent Education
– Dental Referrals

…because baby teeth matter.

Employers & Insurers

Fluoride varnish is standard for pediatric medical care.

Many insurance companies and employers cover routine fluoride varnish as a medical benefit.

Helping Prevent Tooth Decay in Children

Medical Providers:

Medical providers can help prevent tooth decay by integrating oral health as standard medical care for young children.  Specifically, medical providers and staff can offer oral evaluations (screenings), fluoride varnish, parent education and dental referrals for children as soon as the first tooth appears in a child’s mouth.


  • Use the materials in the Healthcare Provider section to offer the services in your practice. They have been tested in hundreds of practices.
  • Request onsite training for you and your practice.


Parents can help their children by brushing their babies’ teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day and asking for fluoride varnish applications at their babies’ medical and dental appointments.  Children who receive at least four applications of fluoride varnish by age four years have a lot less tooth decay than other children.

Resources: Check out the Parent Section of this website.

Health Professions Programs:

Integrate pediatric oral health into your curriculum.  Training programs and support are available.

Sharing Across States:

The Center for Excellence section of this website allows for the sharing of materials and ideas between similar efforts across the country.  Submit your materials to the Center for Excellence.  Also, if you’d like to start a similar initiative in your state, review the Guide.